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Driver’s Application for Employment

New Prospective Drivers Fill Out:

  1. New Driver Employment Application. This is a legal requirement by the PUC and must be filled out in full to be valid. Your signature is required in two places.
  2. Record of Violation + Annual Review. This should be turned in with your fresh DMV record.
  3. Safety Performance. Fill out your part (prospective employee) one for each previous employer you listed on your application. Each previous employer must have its own form. As for prospective employer (that’s Avi Limo) this is our information: Avi Limo 820 S Monaco PKWY #257 Denver, CO 80224 303-455-4455 Fax 720-484-6153
  4. When you are done filling all the forms, please call Avi at 303-479-3794 to schedule your first interview. Bring the above forms, your drivers license, your DOT health card if you have one and your PUC driver’s authorization letter if you have one.  Thank you, Avi Ancel – President


New Driver Employment Application
Record of Violation + Annual Review
Safety Performance

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