Denver Cannabis Limo Tour

Colorado Cannabis Tours - Denver Marijuana Tourism | Avi Limo

Avi Limo has a new way to explore Colorado with luxury and style – cannabis tourism! Avi Limo will take you to the top cannabis shops in the area in a fancy limousine with a Cannabis Concierge to answer any questions you have about cannabis.

In addition to visiting cannabis shops, you will learn about how marijuana is grown and other marijuana products like edibles and medications. It has been legal to buy recreational marijuana in Colorado since January 1st, 2014, in small amounts of one ounce or less. You can enjoy your purchases in the limousine with beverages, including water.

The Avi Limo tour also includes a stop at a restaurant to eat. You can reserve your spot online or by calling (303) 455-4455 to have a discreet and safe VIP experience and enjoy the Rocky Mountain High. It is exclusively for the “High Society”.

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